No Water For NOFX

NOFX‘s South American tour, which kicked off September 29th in Brazil, was action-packed to say the least.

An October 6th show in Lima, Peru, was canceled when the band arrived at the venue only to find the facility blocked by authorities.

A statement by lead man Fat Mike on the band’s Web site explained why the show couldn’t go on.

“About 200 riot police showed up at the show in Peru on Friday to block the venue entrance and stop the 2000+ kids from entering, they also would not allow anyone to leave, our crew were trapped for hours without food or water,” the statement said.

The event promoter allegedly failed to obtain the necessary permits for the outdoor event, which was then shut down by the authorities.

The band faced other bouts of bad luck with missed flights, food poisoning, and canceled shows in Columbia and Venezuela, Fat Mike said.

NOFX heads back to North America to play the Corona Music Fest in Mexico City November 11th.