Danzig’s band will feature former Samhain bandmate Steve Zing on bass with Type O Negative‘s Johnny Kelly and Kenny Hickey on drums and guitar, respectively.

Dates run from November 17-30, starting in Seattle and hitting 10 cities including Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix and Los Angeles before wrapping at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz.

Lacuna Coil appeared with Danzig on the first Blackest Of The Black tour in summer 2003. Last year’s edition featured Chimaira, Himsa, Behemoth and more.

Danzig will release a new album of classical-inspired music, titled “Black Aria II,” October 17. Danzig wrote, produced and performed nearly all the instruments on the album, which is the sequel to the original 1992 Black Aria.

According to a press release, Black Aria II “employs thundering organ, otherworldly chants, operatic lamentations, poignant strings, ominous percussion, ritualistic chimes and other mysterious sounds, to tell the story of a rebel of ancient lore – Lilith, Adam’s wife before Eve.”