Too Many DJs

More than 4,000 DJs are expected to show up at Paris Expo February 11-14 to check out the latest developments in vinyl record players, CD players, mixing software and headphones.

The Porte de Versailles venue’s Hall 5 is playing host to SIEL, an international trade show of equipment and leisure (or Salon International des Equipements et des Loisirs to give its full French name) that serves the club industry – or “nightlife professionals,” as the organizer’s newsletter describes them.

Last year, the daytime exhibition of speakers, amplifiers, mics, transmitters, projectors and sundry lighting effects attracted 29,825.

Various seminars cover all aspects of nightclub work including how to be a barman, a role that SIEL describes as a key element in “the running and profitability of an establishment.”

One of the training programs is on “the art of making cocktails.” Apparently, the secret is to “combine ingredients and liquors harmoniously.”

– John Gammon