The band, formed by Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, had to scrap the first several dates on the tour due to an arm injury suffered by drummer Barker.

Hoppus assured fans that the band couldn’t wait to get on the road and would soon release dates of rescheduled shows.

The affected dates now start November 28 at Chicago’s Metro.

The tour begins November 8 in Tampa, Fla and will zig-zag the country until December 17 when it winds down in in Sacramento, Calif.

During the first week in October, Barker revealed that he broke his arm while shooting a video. The injury was exacerbated by playing seven shows on a European promo tour.Under doctor’s orders, the drummer was to remain off of his right arm for eight weeks.

The band’s debut album, When Your Hear Stops Beating, will be released November 14.