Officers were working security at the North Charleston Coliseum when a man reported he had been attacked and pointed out his alleged assailant.

According to a police report, an officer approached Thomas Carpenter Neal, 19, of Columbus, Ga., and ordered him to leave the venue. Neal responded by punching the officer in the face.

Another officer who came to assist used a Taser on Neal, to little effect. Instead, the suspect wrestled the cop to the ground but was Tasered again. Yet Neal allegedly still managed to turn the stun gun on the officer before he was subdued.

But apparently he hadn’t had enough – as reinforcements escorted him to a waiting patrol car, Neal reportedly refused to get inside and was Tasered a fourth time.

Police made 19 arrests that night, mostly for possession of drugs ranging from mushrooms, LSD and Ecstasy to crack cocaine, methamphetamine and prescription painkillers.

Neal accounted for one of them; he was charged with two counts of assault on an officer and one count of resisting arrest, according to The Post and Courier of Charleston. He was released the next day after posting $25,000 bail.