Brown Gets Probation

Rapper Foxy Brown was sentenced to three years probation in a New York court October 24th for a 2004 assault of two nail salon employees.

Brown (real name: Inga Marchand) and her attorney attempted to withdraw her guilty plea and asked for an extension period to submit new arguments. Marchand claimed she had been coerced by her previous attorney to enter the plea, but Judge Melissa Jackson denied their requests, imposing the terms of the sentence.

In addition to probation, Marchand is required to take anger management classes, submit a DNA sample and comply with the judge’s orders to keep away from the salon workers for five years.

Marchand failed to appear at a hearing October 23rd, claiming she was recovering from dental work. The rapper was warned by the judge that she could have faced up to a year in jail for failing to appear October 24th, and could also face jail time if she refused to comply with the conditions of her probation.

Marchand pleaded guilty in August to assault charges for kicking one salon employee and smacking another in the face in August 2004 over an argument about a manicure payment.