Evans Divorce Drama Continues

The saga that is Sara Evans‘ divorce continues, with polygraph tests and an allegation of a marital affair.

Evans dramatically increased her visibility when she participated in ABC television’s “Dancing With The Stars,” which introduced the country star to millions. But even more attention came her way after she quickly and publicly filed for divorce from her husband, Craig Schelske, and withdrew from the show.

Evans claimed her husband was verbally abusive, drank and kept at least 100 photographs of himself in the nude, some while having sex with other women. An affair between Schelske and the couple’s nanny, Alison Clinton, was also alleged.

Schelske originally issued a statement that he “forgives” his wife for the public divorce, but his court documents, filed in Williamson County Chancery Court in Nashville, claimed Evans’ divorce filing came one day after her husband discovered she was having an affair.

Police were summoned to a Los Angeles restaurant where the couple was having a heated argument October 11th, according to The Tennessean. Schelske learned of his wife’s “intimate relationship” during dinner, according to his filing. Evans said the argument led to her divorce filing the next day; Schelske said he did not know about the filing.

However, he said he did consult that day with an attorney who advised him to secure funds for which he should account, and to file for a legal separation.

Schelske’s attorney, Charlie Gay Jr., told the Tennessean his client is demanding a retraction of Evans’ alleged falsehoods and claimed Schelske was willing to take a polygraph test.

Meanwhile, Clinton issued a statement that a retired FBI agent gave her a lie detector test, which she passed. Clinton said the agent was selected independently and not by herself or her attorney. The nanny, who was Evans’ personal assistant and co-president of her fan club according to the statement, is demanding an apology and retraction of false claims by the singer.

A judge has ordered the couple to split $274,000 Schelske moved out of a joint account after Evans filed for divorce. Evans and Schelske have agreed to attend counseling and not to talk to the news media, but the judge denied a motion to limit media coverage of the divorce proceedings.