Brit Conservative Leader Raps With Rhymefest

Tory leader David Cameron made a play for the “cool” vote by inviting American hip-hop artist Rhymefest to the House Of Commons for a chat.

“Cameron could make a great prime minister. It went really well,” the 29-year-old rapper told U.K. journalists, although the meeting inevitably drew some stinging criticism from a few members of the government.

Labour MP Stephen Pound condemned the visit as a publicity stunt, which prompted the Grammy Award-winning performer and songwriter – real name: Che Smith – to hit back by saying, “I don’t see him doing nothing.”

Cameron has been sending out some mixed messages in his bid to reach out to the urban young by asking for insight into their problems (some papers quickly dubbed it his “hug a hoodie” approach) while still maintaining that some rap lyrics are immoral and encourage violence.

Rhymefest was reportedly so impressed with Cameron that he invited him to go out clubbing, although it appears the would-be prime minister’s diary was too full to take him up on the offer.

When asked if the opposition leader was running the risk of being accused of courting youth culture with the sole aim of boosting his own popularity, Rhymefest told The Daily Telegraph, “We spoke of balance, but we also spoke of being genuine. Bill Clinton used his coolness to fool a lot of people. It would be unfortunate if Mr. Cameron did that. I got his cellphone number. I’d call him and say, ‘What the hell are you doing, dude?'”

– John Gammon