A November 3 message on the group’s official Web site stated: “After summer 2007, Billy Nershi is leaving The String Cheese Incident to pursue other musical projects. There will be only a limited number of Incidents between now and then. Current plans include Thanksgiving in Atlanta, a New Years Eve blowout in San Francisco, Winter Carnival in Colorado, and a return to Red Rocks. Presently, there are no plans for The String Cheese Incident beyond summer of 2007.

“The band would like to extend a heartfelt than you to our friends and fans for all your support.”

The group, which has been together for 13 years, is not discussing the decision with media.

STI’s itinerary includes November 24 – 25 concerts at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, and New Year’s festivities at San Francisco’s California’s Concourse Exhibition Center, December 30 – 31.

The Winter Carnival and Red Rocks events are expected to be announced soon.