While Zune’s specs pretty much match Apple’s iPod, one feature that stands out is the player’s wireless capability, which will give users the ability to share songs with other Zune owners within a limited distance.

Although Microsoft has not released details of the arrangement, getting Universal on board the Zune train is expected to entice other labels to consider similar deals.

Zune’s wireless features will allow for users to wirelessly transmit songs, pictures and playlists to nearby Zunes. Microsoft’s proprietary digital rights management technology will allow those other users to listen to those songs for up to three times during a three-day period.

Zune, priced at $249.99, hits store shelves November 14th.


Answer: “What’s The Download Interactive Advisory Board,” a public education campaign designed by the Recording Academy and made up of 12 young music fans and several high-profile artists and industry veterans

The goal: To encourage communication between the recording industry and young consumers in the hopes that the latter will buy songs instead of share them.

R&B artist Chris Brown is on the board, as is BigChampagne CEO Eric Garland and Us Weekly Entertainment Editor Shirley Halperin.

To further its noble quest, WTDIAB has released the What’s The Download Music Survival Guide, described as the “first of its kind to be written from the viewpoint of young consumers.” However, no matter how you describe it, the goal is simple. Buying, good; sharing, bad!

However, the WTD Music Survival Guide is more than just the usual anti-piracy talking points. The Guide explores subjects such as artist development, why communities are influential and what needs to be done to encourage young music fans to only download legally.

“One of the goals of What’s The Download has been to create a dialogue between the music industry and the music fan, and the result of the WTD Interactive Advisory Board’s efforts over the past two years has shown that this conversation can bring actionable results,” said Recording Academy president Neil Portnow. “We hope that the views of the WTD Board will be read with seriousness by not only those in the music industry, but by anyone who loves music and supports its ability to thrive in the future.”

WTD’s Music Survival Guide is available at www.whatsthedownload.com. You can bet this is one copyrighted publication that the authors want to be copied. And shared.