“We checked and the rooms were available and so we put new dates in,” Lieberberg told Pollstar while pointing out that Doherty has to be treated as “a special case.”

Although obviously aware that he misses about as many shows as he plays, Lieberberg said he’s patient with the drug-troubled star because his fans haven’t lost faith in him.

“I don’t think he’s doing any of this deliberately and I believe he really wants to play – it’s just a question of when he’s capable of it,” he explained.

“His fans aren’t as hard on him as the media because they realise he has this problem and they’re very understanding of it and want to help him through it.

“When the shows are canceled, the fans accept it and then they watch to see when the rescheduled shows are happening,” he added, after moving Doherty’s shows at Hamburg Markthalle, Cologne Music Hall, Mannheim Alte Feuerwache and Berlin Postbahnhof from the turn of the month to November 19-22.

Instead of playing Germany between October 30 and November 2, Doherty remained in the U.K. and generated a few more tabloid headlines.

Doherty was taken to the hospital by supermodel lover Kate Moss because he’d got her engagement ring stuck on one of his fingers, The Daily Mirror reported November 1.

Another story in The Guardian commented on an NME interview that he did alongside Mike Skinner (The Streets), drawing attention to how these two “wild men of music” turned up wearing some dazzling jumpers.

Doherty, who was wearing an aubergine (or “possibly plum”), jumper, was sick in the sink during the course of the interview because “the cigarettes disagreed with him.” Skinner’s vibrant pink jumper and scarf was hardly likely to settle the stomach.

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