Madonna Waits On Malawi Judge

Within the next few days, a Malawi judge is expected to rule on whether the country’s High Court should hear a legal challenge to Madonna‘s interim adoption of a 1-year-old boy.

Judge Andrew Nyirenda wants until November 20th to consider the case and decide whether an additional plaintiff could join the suit, said Justin Dzonzi, who is representing the alliance of 67 activist groups that started the lawsuit opposing Madge’s adoption plans.

“All the parties have been heard and the court has reserved its ruling because the Malawi Human Rights Commission also applied to be part of the case and the judge wants more time before he can make an order,” Dzonzi explained.

Madonna began proceedings to adopt 1-year-old David Banda when she visited Malawi in October, sparking widespread debate.

Shortly after her visit, the child was taken from the Malawi orphanage where he lived and flown to the American singer’s London home

The activist groups have accused Madonna of using her celebrity status to cut corners on Malawi’s adoption laws.

Yohana Banda, the boy’s father, has clouded the issue by saying he was led to believe that his son would return to him when he’s grown up, but he has also protested the case against the adoption.

The baby is to stay with Madonna for 18 months, during which his progress will be monitored by Malawi officials before being granted final approval to stay.

Madonna funds orphanages through her Raising Malawi charity and is setting up an orphanage outside the country’s capital, Lilongwe.

– John Gammon