Mariah Carey Sues HK Promoter

Mariah Carey‘s production company has filed a $1 million suit against an Asian concert promoter for unpaid fees and reimbursements related to a canceled Hong Kong concert.

The suit alleges Carey was looking forward to the concert, but was forced to pull out when promoter ONE Group Investments Private Ltd. “breached its contractual obligations,” Agence France-Presse reported.

ONE Group chief exec Adrian Hobbs defended his company, saying, “We received no reply to get our money back and we would love for the matter to go to court and the facts [to] come out and clearly she had savings by not coming.”

“ONE Group is confident that we would prevail and they would be ordered to return money paid,” he told AFP, without revealing if his company had taken legal action.

The concert was canceled two days before it was set to take place October 28th, with Carey’s management company, Handprint Entertainment, and ONE Group each blaming the other.

Carey’s manager, Benny Medina, said no extreme demands were made, and blamed the cancellation on the promoter’s inability to pay its advance deposits.

The promoter blamed poor ticket sales (4,000 of about 10,000) and last-minute, “wholly unreasonable” demands from Carey’s side.

Neither company has disclosed financial details, but a source close to the situation told AFP that Carey was given a $400,000 guarantee.

The show was set to take place at a harbor-side location that occasionally hosts concerts. Production crews had begun building the stage when the announcement came, according to AFP.