The two hip-hop acts launched a cross-country tour November 24 and were traveling December 4 when the bus “flipped over and burst in to flames,” according to El-P, head of Mr. Lif’s label, Definitive Jux.

“The tour bus ran off the road for a 30 foot drop,” Mr. Lif said in a post on his official Web site. “Everyone is alive, but four need extensive hospitalization and surgery. We appreciate all concern and would like to thank everyone who was planning to attend our shows.”

In a message posted on the official Definitive Jux Web site, El-P said The Coup’s Silk-E, Mr. Lif’s assistant Zarha, and DJ Big Wiz were the most seriously hurt.

According to Epitaph Records, The Coup’s label, “All occupants managed to get off of the bus before it became engulfed in flames and were transported to El Centro Regional Medical Center. However, Silk-E; Mr. Lif’ s DJ, Wiz; and the group’s bus driver, Glenn, incurred severe injuries requiring them to be flown to hospitals in San Diego and Palm Springs. Silk-E suffered several broken ribs and a punctured lung and Wiz suffered a deep laceration to the head and a broken leg.

“The tour’s merchandise person, Zhana, sustained a severe hand laceration and was transported by ambulance to San Diego. Despite losing all of their possessions in the fire – including laptops, clothes, equipment, cell phones and cash – the rest of the bus occupants walked away with minor bruises, cuts, scrapes and are doing okay.”

“Everyone else (Mr. Lif, Metro, The Coup) is battered, but relatively unscathed,” El-P said.

“For obvious reasons the tour will most likely not continue. Right now the dust has yet to completely settle but once it does we will provide fans and friends who are concerned with info on how to reach out to the injured parties and express well wishes.”

According to Epitaph, the December 5, 6 and 9 tour dates have been canceled and “no decision has yet been made” regarding the December 10 -31 shows.

The 20-city trek was to finish in Philadelphia December 19. The Coup also has a New Year’s Eve show booked at Hell’s Kitchen in Chicago.