eMusic has always been one of the hippest download stores. Established as an independent label outlet, eMusic was well into selling downloads before iTunes or the current version of Napster had even hung out their shingles.

Plus, eMusic deals only in MP3s. You won’t find any copy protective DRM technology on eMusic downloads. It’s a no-strings-attached philosophy that has served the company well since 1995.

Then there’s the company’s subscription rate, which starts off at 30 downloads per month for $9.99 with higher rates giving you even more tunes. Cut rate prices coupled with no-hassle downloads that will play on any MP3 player. What’s not to like?

How about more music to select from? Along with reaching that 100 millionth download benchmark, eMusic also doubled its catalog this year to more than 2 million songs.

But back to that 100 millionth downloader who is about to be immortalized in song by Barenaked Ladies.

His name is Michael Brennan, a 48-year-old visual artist, and his record-breaking purchase was “Diamond Ring” by Mississippi Delta bluesman Fred McDowell. After Barenaked Ladies writes and records the new tune, it will be available as a free download on eMusic before being bundled with the band’s upcoming album, Barenaked Ladies Are Men.

“Subscribers like Michael Brennan are what make eMusic the number one site for serious music lovers,” eMusic president and CEO David Packman said. “We congratulate him on downloading eMusic’s 100 millionth track and helping make us the world’s number two digital music store.”