The first leg of MCR’s North American tour, with openers Rise Against along for the ride, launches February 22 at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, N.H.

Currently, the tour is booked through March 16 in Reno, after which MCR will head to Europe for a series of shows beginning March 20 in Plymouth, England. Additional North American dates, with Muse in the opening slot, are expected in the future.

MCR debuted Parade last August with a high concept performance at London’s Hammersmith Palais that sold out in 15 minutes. A procession of mysterious figures in black masks and capes was followed by a parade of dozens of people holding signs announcing the album’s title.

Just before the band was to take the stage, it was announced that MCR were unavailable and had been replaced by The Black Parade. The confused and disappointed crowd soon figured out that the “new” band was an alter ego inspired by the new album.

With MCR describing the upcoming tour as the album brought to life, fans can almost certainly look forward to appearances by the band in their Black Parade guise.