Morrissey will kick off a three night stand at Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, Calif., February 1. Tickets for the shows go on sale January 13.

Powerhouse New York punk-pop duo Kristeen Young, who were personally chosen by Morrissey to accompany him on his recent U.K. tour, will open on all three dates.

Moz has also announced a change in the lineup of his backing band. Bassist Gary Day is being replaced by Solomon Walker, brother of drummer Matt Walker, and keyboard player Mike Farrell’s spot is now being filled by Vincent Jones.

Morrissey’s decision start the new year by playing three dates in the L.A. area is likely motivated by a couple of factors. First, the former Manchester native now resides in the Hollywood Hills.

The second reason could be the singer’s almost saint-like following in the city’s Latino community.

The devotees flock to his concerts; wear pins, patches and even tattoos of his face; dress like him; decorate their cars in his honor; bring him his favorite flowers, gladiolas; make pilgrimages to his home; and recite the lyrics from his songs like mantras to help them deal with their everyday problems.

College theses have been written about this phenomenon, but no matter how you interpret his fandom, Moz has certainly become an Angelino like no other.