Glastonbury Puts Fans In The Picture

Michael Eavis is continuing his fight against touts by introducing a Glastonbury ticket that features a photo of the buyer.

The veteran festival owner, who once told Pollstar that "touts are no more than rogues and vagabonds," is determined to stamp them out with tickets that are non-exchangeable and only valid if the holder matches the picture.

The £150 tickets go on sale on April 1st but applicants will have to pre-register during February.

Eavis is angry that some of the £125 tickets for Glastonbury 2005 were changing hands for up to £700.

"This is just not fair for the people who want to come along and enjoy the music," he told BBC News.

"Technology has improved so much that we can now include a picture of the purchaser on the ticket and – if you don’t match the picture at the gate – you won’t get in.

"Hopefully this ploy will be successful and catch on at other venues as it could really put the ticket touts out of business."

The rumor mill is already spinning with stories on who’ll be playing this year’s event but no names have been announced.

This year’s Glastonbury is June 22-24.