Big Day Out Goes Green

Big Day Out organisers Ken West and Viv Lees have announced that the 2007 version of the Australian fest will be "carbon neutral," with trees planted to help offset greenhouse gas emissions.

"We feel that we cannot continue with a ‘business as usual’ approach any more," read a statement on the festival’s Web site. "Greenhouse gasses are causing irreparable climate change and endangering the future of our civilization."

The organizers had two audits done in 2006 to determine the event’s energy usage.

CO2 Australia Limited, an accredited greenhouse gas abatement provider, will "ensure that the Big Day Out greenhouse gas emissions are mitigated by carbon sequestration using long-term Malee Eucalyptus tree plantation."

Five of the six cities that Big Day Out will stop at, starting January 19th in Auckland, have sold out. The festival draws about 250,000 fans each year.