Independence-D Takes Shape

The Federation of Music Producers Japan will be holding the second annual Independence-D Festival February 3-4 in Tokyo at the Studio Coast complex on the waterfront.

The purpose of the festival is to "spread the Western music scene to Japan, and from Japan to Asian countries" by inviting independent labels from around the world to attend and show their wares.

There will be live performances open to the public, as well as a trade show, a seminar and forum on indies music, and a live competition among unsigned artists who wish to meet with labels and management companies.

Last year, the concert performances were spread over three days, with each day representing a theme.

This year it has been reduced to two days, with February 3rd designated as Street Rock Day and February 4th as Metal/Shock Rock Day.

Among the emo/alternative/punk bands performing on Street Rock Day are Strung Out, The Appleseed Cast, and Lovedrug from the U.S.

Germany, Portugal, Italy, and Australia will also be represented but the bulk of the artists are from Japan.

The headliner on Metal/Shock Rock Day is Bleeding Through from America. Almost all the other bands are either American or Japanese, but noted Taiwanese shock-rockers Chthonic are slated to appear. Many of the foreign groups will tour Japan during their stay.