Lil’ Wayne Faces Lawsuit

A pair of Florida promoters recently filed suit against Lil’ Wayne claiming the rapper canceled a show and never rescheduled it.

Lil’ Wayne (real name: Dwayne Carter) apparently signed a contract with Nunoise Entertainment and Jahfari Promotions to perform at a nightclub in Tampa October 29th, but failed to show and returned a $15,000 deposit he was paid in advance, according to the lawsuit.

However, the suit claims Carter owes $45,000 in actual damages and that Nunoise and Jahfari lost more than $200,000 in profits from the canceled gig. How someone could expect to make a $200,000 profit from a club show is not clear.

Miami attorney Marlowe Blake, who represents the promoters, said Carter was obligated to make up the show.

"He did miss a date, he admitted he missed a date, and he was supposed to make it up," Blake said. "It’s a simple breach of contract type of matter."

The suit was filed in a Miami-Dade County Circuit Court January 19th.

Management for Lil’ Wayne could not be reached at press time. The rapper does not have an exclusive booking agency.