PollstarPro’s New BoxOffice Database

One of the great enhancements in PollstarPro is the current BoxOffice database that allows users to filter and customize the display of recently reported show results.

In our old system we could only provide a static display of all the grosses published in the preceding week’s magazine. After one week, they went into the boxoffice archive where they were available only by generating a tour history.

The new BoxOffice database, which is found under the Custom Research tab, includes all the grosses reported in the past month. That means that between 1,000 and 3,000 shows will typically be available on demand.

The default display includes all the records in the current database sorted in the customary view of highest to lowest gross. From here, users can customize the data to fit their own needs during that session.

This basic database can be filtered via the panel on the left side of the page. If the user finds no value in show results from outside the United States, those can be excluded by checking the appropriate box. If you only wish to browse the most recently added data, click the box for Added Last 7 Days. The data can also be filtered to display only shows that fall into a user-defined capacity range for tickets sold.

The default display is also a condensed view of the data. On the upper right edge of the display are plus and minus symbols. Click on the plus symbol in the header and it will expand all the records to full view. Another option would be to scroll through the data in condensed view and then use the indivdual plus and minus symbols included with each boxoffice result to look at any records of interest.

The basic sort can be changed by clicking on the header for Date, Headline Artist, Tickets Sold, or US$ Gross. Click the same header again and it will invert the sort order.

For a video tutorial, click here.