Explosion At CAA

Nine people suffered minor injuries Tuesday when a gas line ruptured and caused a small explosion in a building housing the Hollywood talent agency Creative Artists Agency, authorities said.

The accident occurred around 2:45 p.m. during repairs at CAA’s ground-floor kitchen in the 12-story office building in Century City, said Fire Department spokesman Ron Myers.

“It was a significant blast,” he said.

Some of the injured suffered flash burns and some complained of aches and pains from the shock of the explosion, Myers said.

The blast damaged a wall, but there was no fire, he said.

Three of the injured were Southern California Gas Co. employees, said company spokesman Peter Hidalgo. He said the employees were working to turn on the gas when the explosion occurred.

The other six, all CAA employees, were not seriously hurt, said agency spokesman Michael Mand.

— Associated Press