25 Hurt In Floor Collapse

Swedish authorities are likely to launch a full investigation into why a floor caved in at a venue in Umea, injuring 25 people January 24.

Fifteen minutes into a set from national favourites Mando Diao, the wooden floor of the Norrland Opera House gave way and about 50 members of the crowd plunged through the gap.

"The spectators landed on each other when they fell through the hole," said emergency services spokesman Christer Bjorkman.

All the casualties were taken to hospital, where 22 were considered lightly injured while three were more badly hurt. Some had broken legs but there were no serious injuries.

"During the concert part of the floor near the stage collapsed. People fell down into the hole, which measured about four metres by two metres [13 feet by six feet]," police spokesman John Forsberg told national news agencies.

Norrland Opera House chief exec Magnus Aspegren said the accident was caused by one or more of the metal beams in the floor construction breaking, but it was still unclear why.

"It’s a type of beam which should hold much more weight than this," he added.

Rolf Edstron, another police spokesman, said there were about 700 fans in the 815-capacity room and there’s no question of it being overcrowded.

"It’s more about material or construction. There will be an investigation now trying to find how it could have happened," Edstron explained, adding that the building was only 15-20 years old.

The floor itself is made of removable wooden panels to allow access to the stage through the floor.