Braxton Settles Lawsuit

Toni Braxton has settled her $10 million lawsuit against former manager Barry Hankerson and his label, Blackground Records, according to reps for both parties.

Under the terms of the settlement, Braxton will be free to pursue other record deals after she returns a $375,000 advance and pays royalties on her next album to Hankerson.

"This settlement allows Ms. Braxton immediately to start new projects of her choice," lawyer Peter L. Haviland said in a statement. "She wanted to end her relationship with Blackground and Barry Hankerson, and she has. Money has never been what motivates her. Integrity – artistic and personal – does."

The Grammy-winning singer had accused Hankerson of fraud, deception and double-dealing to coerce her into dropping a lucrative deal with Arista to sign a multi-album deal with Blackground in 2003.

Hankerson disputes the allegations, saying Braxton was dropped from Arista and that she signed with Blackground because "there was nowhere else for her to go."

He also claims the relationship fell apart because the singer insisted that her husband be involved in her albums.