Glitter’s Jail Term Cut

A Vietnamese court has cut Gary Glitter’s child-molestation sentence by three months as part of the annual amnesty for inmates with good prison records.

Vietnam traditionally cuts sentences for well-behaved prisoners just before Tet, which is the Lunar New Year.

Glitter, whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd, was originally given three years for "committing obscene acts with children." The sentence reduction means he’s now eligible for release August 2008. He’s been in jail since March 2006.

Le Thanh Kinh, the former glam rocker’s lawyer, was confident the judges would reduce his client’s sentence.

"Glitter is an old man, and he is not in good health. And he has paid compensation to the victims as required by the court," he explained.

Under Vietnamese law, Glitter’s sentence cannot be reduced by more than 18 months, and the earliest he can be released is late May – unless the president intervenes.