Rough Week In Rock

Rock ‘n’ roll has always had its share of bad boys, but police investigations and legal charges can find their way into the lives of all types of artists, and last week was no exception.

In Los Angeles, James Blunt reportedly ran over someone’s foot while leaving a party February 24th, then drove off, although his publicist Sheila Richman claimed it was a member of the paparazzi swarming Blunt’s vehicle.

The singer was apparently driving "two miles per hour" and "trying to navigate his car through all the people," Richman said in a statement. Police are investigating.

Meanwhile, Sean "Diddy" Combs was also under police investigation for reportedly punching a man in the face at The Hollywood Hotel party following the Oscars. The man was apparently upset that Diddy was chatting up his girlfriend.

Things looked worse in Minnesota, where Troy Lee Gentry was sentenced to three months probation and a $15,000 fine for killing a captive black bear in a wildlife refuge. Gentry has also been prohibited from hunting in the state for five years. The singer pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor last November.

And former Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio was also back in court last week in New York, where he pleaded innocent to drug charges stemming from a December traffic stop. Anastasio has been charged with illegally possessing prescription painkillers and heroin. His lawyer has apparently said he will enter a plea bargain at a March 27th hearing in an attempt to forgo prison time.

Meanwhile, Bobby Brown was released from a Massachusetts county jail after paying $19,000 in late child support and Foxy Brown was allowed to go free after she pleaded guilty to violating probation. Foxy was arrested during a fracas at a beauty supply store in Pembroke Pines, Fla., February 15th. Police charged her with resisting an officer and simple battery.