Two Arrested For El Tri Riot

Police in Watsonville, Calif., have arrested two men accused of causing thousands of dollars in damage during a riot following the cancellation of a Mexican rock concert February 25th.

Hundreds of angry fans became disruptive after hearing an announcement that the headliner, El Tri, would not be able to perform because it was caught in heavy snow in the Sierra Nevada, promoter Tony Valencia of Promociones Mexico Lindo told the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Inside the Veterans Memorial Building where the concert was to be held, rioters pushed over a tower of speakers and threw drinks on sound equipment, while other concertgoers took to the streets and vandalized vehicles, causing an estimated $75,000 in damage, the paper reported.

Witnesses identified two men who damaged the sound equipment. To nab the alleged vandals, police traveled nearly 70 miles to a rescheduled March 1st concert in King City to continue their investigation.

"We thought if they were foolish enough to cause damage on Sunday, they would be foolish enough to show up on Thursday, and they did," Lt. Ed Gluhan told the Sentinel.

Upon police questioning, Arturo Arguello and Agustin Augusto admitted to attending the concert, and at least one of the men admitted to damaging the sound equipment, the paper said. The two were reportedly booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on suspicion of felony vandalism and incitement to riot.

Lt. Gluhan said police will continue reviewing photo and video evidence of the riot to identify other participants, the Sentinel reported.