Macca’s Happy With Judge Good Guy

Newspaper stories that started appearing in the U.K. over the March 3-4 weekend are saying Sir Paul McCartney is happy with the opening round of what’s been anticipated as a heated divorce court fight with Heather Mills.

"The judge is a good guy. He’s on our side. We’ve won every point to date," McCartney reportedly told The Sunday Mirror in what the paper touted as an exclusive interview.

The High Court case had only been running a couple of days and the early exchanges, in which Macca’s lawyers are said to have tested Mills’ claims that he physically attacked her and mocked her amputated leg, have gone on behind closed doors.

Somehow, the Mirror was still able to reveal that Mills sat "stunned" with her lawyer while the former Beatle’s legal reps produced a "truth and lies" dossier that had been compiled after much trawling through her (sometimes very loud) public utterances.

The paper said Macca’s team did such a detailed demolition of her claims that Heather is convinced a mole in her camp is leaking information to him.

"The judge has got the measure of her. She started shouting and ranting at one point," Sir Paul allegedly told friends at the end of the second day.

Disappointed court correspondents who’ve missed out on this stuff may gain some consolation from the fact that the Mirror also quoted expert divorce lawyer Caitlin Jenkins saying she expects the gloves to come off sometime soon and then we’ll be on for what’s set to be one of the bloodiest divorce battles of recent times.

She’s said to have called it a "a war of attrition" in which neither side will be willing to "throw in the towel."

"They have reached a stalemate where they are both waiting for the other to crack," she added.