Sputnik Fueled By Vodka

Vodka and entertainment are inseparable, according to Sputnik marketing director Lenny Musatov, whose company has been announced as the major sponsor for this year’s Global Gathering dance festival.

The annual two-day event (July 27-28) at Long Marston Airfield, Warwickshire, a joint venture between Live Nation and Angel Music, will mark the Russian vodka company’s first venture into music sponsorship.

"Global Gathering’s annual event is the place for us to be. In Russia, vodka and entertainment are inseparable and synonymous for having a good time.

"We certainly aim to add our very own flavour to this fantastic dance festival. Sputnik and Global Gathering share the same winning formula," Musatov explained.

The recipe for Sputnik is said to date back to the early ’50s, when some of Russia’s greatest vodka distillers worked together to create a drink to mark the pioneering launch of the Sputnik satellite.

The 6-year-old Global Gathering has grown each year and about 40,000 per day are expected to attend this year’s bash.

It will be the first time the event has introduced the concept of "luxury camping." Fans have the chance to buy tickets that include a ready-erected tent and a concierge butler service, which means crates of cold beer – and no doubt Russian vodka – can be delivered direct to the camping site.