Vujin’s Dragan His Heels

It’s still not clear if Serbia’s Roadfest will happen, as the meeting between promoter Dragan Vujin and Woodstock co-founder Artie Kornfeld – who has lent his name to the event – is yet to take place.

They were due to hook up in Belgrade March 12th to discuss the festival but the meeting didn’t happen.

"I never went to Belgrade. I’ve heard from Dragan and he’s coming to see me in Miami for a few days," Kornfeld told Pollstar.

"I assume he will show me proof and try to get me back on board."

Kornfeld, who is planning his own Goodstock 2007 U.S. event in West Virginia on July 19-21, originally got involved with the Serbian show because he hoped to "make a difference" in the formerly war-torn country. But he began to have doubts when it emerged that some of the acts Vujin had claimed to have booked weren’t even aware of the event.

Kornfeld became even more concerned when Mike Lang – another Woodstock co-founder – found a Web site that also linked his name to Roadfest. But Lang said he knows nothing about it and intended to put out a disclaimer.

One Web site claiming Iggy & The Stooges, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Jamiroquai, Deep Purple, Underworld, Motörhead, Tricky, Joe Cocker, and The Cult would be playing has had that content removed. Another site, which Vujin claimed was the official one, is undergoing "reconstruction."

Roadfest To Peace Through Music, to use its full name, is scheduled to take place on a river island site at Zrenjanin June 28-30, one day after the Exit Festival organisers and Live Nation’s Budapest office stage their co-promoted Red Hot Chili Peppers show barely an hour’s drive across Serbia at Indjija.

Exit Festival itself is only a couple of weeks later (July 12-15).

Many in the Serbian music business believe Vujin is trying to use Kornfeld and Lang’s names to attract sponsorship money, which he can then use to try to negotiate acts.