Snoop U.K. Leg Canceled

Snoop Dogg was forced to scrap the U.K. leg of his European tour with Diddy because the Home Office won’t let him have a visa.

"I cannot control my past – me being an ex-gang member, ex-drug dealer – but I know how to do what’s right, how to turn my life around," he told MTV. Shows beginning March 27th at Wembley Arena and carrying on to Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow and Nottingham were all canceled.

Snoop was denied a visa by the Home Office on March 24th and all efforts to get the decision overturned have been fruitless.

He’d hoped the government would reconsider his visa after he said he was promoting a message of non-violence to children and would make a donation to an anti-violence charity.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office won’t comment on individual cases.

Newswires reported both acts as being "incredibly disappointed and devastated," with Snoop complaining that the U.K. authorities have known he was due to tour for six or seven weeks and, if they intended to turn down his visa application, they could have informed him a long time ago.

Snoop is in the midst of a number of legal problems in America, resulting from a November 2006 incident in Los Angeles when police found him in possession of cocaine, marijuana and a firearm.

Earlier in the year he was involved in a fracas at London’s Heathrow Airport.

The European tour is expected to resume in Dublin March 31th.