T.I. Bashed For Short Set

Officials at Duke University in North Carolina are reportedly considering legal action against rapper T.I. for showing up late, then cutting his set short during the Cameron Rocks! concert April 7th.

Duke University Union President Katelyn Donnelly told the Duke Chronicle that headliner T.I., on the same bill with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, violated his contract. Donnelly said the rapper, who had agreed to perform for 60 minutes, arrived late and then abruptly left the stage after 40 minutes.

Concertgoers reportedly thought the performer was just taking a break until he didn’t return.

Adding to the controversy is a report that the Office of Student Activities and Facilities paid T.I.’s reps the full $70,000 fee for his performance.

DUU Executive VP Lauren Maisel said she wasn’t sure when the money exchange took place but had instructed OSAF staff not to pay T.I. the full amount.

"As far as OSAF is structured, that was what they were supposed to do," Maisel told the Chronicle. "We are trying to figure out how to get legally reimbursed and what sort of recourse options we have. A lot of explanatory work will go about later this week."

The Cameron Rocks! concert attracted more than 5,300 people last year and brought in about 3,000 this year, the paper said.