Lieberberg And Klinger Have Not-So-Good Friday

David Lieberberg from Rock & More’s Bulgaria-based Eastern Division has quit the company following a row with Austrian promoter Wolfgang Klinger over how he was running his section.

Lieberberg, who is the brother of German promoter Marek Lieberberg, sent out an e-mail on Good Friday (April 6th) to a contacts list including Pollstar saying he had left the company and could now be reached at [email protected].

It didn’t specify any reason why he’d had a parting of ways with Klinger and Heimo Hanserl, but a day earlier, he’d sent a batched mail to contacts including U.K. agents saying it was because they "repeatedly did not pay my salary and they are definitely not able to keep up their financial commitments."

Klinger, who along with Hanserl is building a new Rock & More Beteilegunts following last year’s bankruptcy of Rock & More Veranstaltungs Gm, said the only reason Lieberberg was told his April salary wouldn’t be paid is because he hasn’t sent in any accounts for Rock & More Eastern Division in the six months he’s been running it and the company’s Vienna-based accountants were fed up asking for them.

According to Klinger, the matter between the accountants and Lieberberg came to a head on April 5th, when they told him they wouldn’t send any more salary until he produced accounts and delivered the money the company had received for Bulgarian shows it had either promoted or co-promoted for acts including ZZ Top, INXS, Bryan Adams, Seal, and Joe Cocker.

Klinger also said he’s since found evidence that during the course of what turned out to be his last month at Rock & More, Lieberberg was already negotiating his own private deals with other promoters in the Balkan region.

At press time, Lieberberg hadn’t added to his e-mail statement that said he was no longer working for Rock & More.