It’s the Sansa Connect, a WiFi-enabled player sporting 4 gigs of flash memory and a $250 price tag, the same price as a the 30-gig video iPod. Except the Sansa Connect is 26 gigs lighter and does not play video.

But the Sansa Connect is more than just another player albeit a wireless one. The player is the result of a three-way collaboration between SanDisk, Yahoo Music and mobile entertainment technology company Zing. So you’re buying more than just a no-cables-attached player. You’re getting a wireless gadget that works seamlessly with the Yahoo Music subscription service.

This means you can listen to LAUNCHcast Internet Radio, browse photos and connect with friends via Yahoo Messenger. In addition to its Yahoo Music compatibility, Sansa Connect also supports all Microsoft PlaysForSure music subscription services. So you don’t have to Yahoo if you don’t want to.

“The Sansa Connect is a new breed of music player,” said Daniel Schreiber, senior VP and general manager for SanDisk’s Audio Video Business Unit. “It untethers consumers from their computers, and allows them to get new music and share their recommendations anytime, anywhere – over an open wireless Internet network.”