Evans Divorce More Litigious

The public divorce of Sara Evans and her husband, Craig Schelske, continues to heat up with two lawsuits.

Schelske has filed a $20 million lawsuit against Nashville lawyer John Hollins Sr., contending the attorney made false statements to the media. Meanwhile, the couple’s former nanny, Alison Clinton Lee, has launched a $3 million lawsuit against Evans.

"[Schelske] was quoted in the press as saying he hadn’t done anything wrong and he wanted everybody to pray for Sara," the lawsuit says Hollins told People magazine. "Let me tell you what, everything we allege, we’ve got photographs to back up the allegations of the complaint."

The lawsuit states Hollins knew the statement was false and "knew that no photographs existed," Schelske said in the court filing.

Evans claimed her husband was verbally abusive, drank and kept at least 100 photographs of himself in the nude, some depicting him having sex with other women. An affair between Schelske and the couple’s nanny, Alison Clinton, was also alleged.

Evans admitted in public that she was "mistaken" about the existence of the photos.

Schelske originally issued a statement that he "forgives" his wife for the public divorce, but his court documents filed in Williamson County Chancery Court in Nashville claimed Evans’ divorce filing came one day after her husband discovered she was having an affair.

Police were summoned to a Los Angeles restaurant where the couple was having a heated argument October 11th, according to The Tennessean. Schelske learned of his wife’s "intimate relationship" during dinner, according to his filing. Evans said the argument led to her divorce filing the next day. Schelske said he did not know about the filing.

Clinton Lee filed her claims against Hollins and John Hollins Jr. as well as Evans, claiming she was a victim of "slanderous and libelous" statements in Evans’ October 2006 divorce filing.