Allen will now play three dates between the in Indio, Calif. (April 29) and the in Manchester, Tenn.

The cancellations won’t affect Allen’s fans outside the U.S., as none of the dates on her European festival calendar have been called off.

An “official” reason for the cancellations was posted on Allen’s web site April 17. Apparently, the singer has been so “inspired” by her recent success that she has “decided to reschedule some of the dates on her next U.S. tour so she can begin to capture the songs she’s been writing while on the road here.”

“I want to give my best to every audience I play to, but, at the same time, I am itching to get back in the studio to start recording these great new songs, to keep things fresh for the audience and for myself,” Allen said.

However, a slightly different explanation can be found in a message from Allen to her fans posted on her MySpace page April 16.

Apparently responding to criticism about her privileged upbringing, Allen starts out by joking that she has discovered that real work is hard and pop stardom isn’t all about “getting trashed with famous people and sleeping all day,” so “I am throwing the towel in.”

The singer goes on to explain that she’s burned out, and wants to take some time off.

“No, but seriously, I have been on tour with this album for a year now,” Allen wrote. “I have fulfilled every commitment up to this point. I am tired, but more than that I don’t think I have been giving my best performances recently.

“I have been getting really drunk because I’ve been so nervous about doing bad shows, and I don’t want people spending money on going to see a show that isn’t the best it could be.”

Allen’s web site promises that the dates will be rescheduled for later in the year.