Big & Rich Scraps Concert

Big & Rich canceled an April 12th concert at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Southern California after a terminally ill 5-year-old fan wasn’t allowed into the venue to see the duo’s show.

About 1,600 concertgoers were said to be waiting when they were notified the concert, which also featured Cowboy Troy, was scrapped about an hour after it was supposed to start, according to the San Bernardino County Sun.

Concertgoers were offered refunds or ticket swaps for a future event.

A local radio station reportedly arranged for the little girl and her family to meet the performers. San Manuel tribe officials said that although they are sympathetic to the little girl’s wish, the radio station didn’t clear her visit to the casino in advance.

"We’re a highly regulated industry with Indian gaming, and we have certain rules that say no one under 21 is admitted to the property for any reason," tribe spokesman Jacob Coin told the paper.

John Rich told the Sun the duo’s decision to cancel was not made lightly.

"I was extremely concerned about all the fans that had purchased tickets, stood in line and made the effort to come to our show. I was very worried that they might be upset and not understand the reason for our cancellation.

"I was unwilling to bend on my position the young lady should be allowed to attend our show," he added. "I apologize sincerely to the fans that didn’t get to see the show and I respectfully ask for their forgiveness and continued support of the music."

Pollstar’s attempt to reach a representative for Big & Rich was unsuccessful at press time.