Psst! – Wanna Know Who’s On At Paleo?

The organizers of Paleo Nyon Festival scrapped the April 16th press conference scheduled to launch the event as details of the lineup were circulating on the Internet four days earlier.

"We ordered thousands of fliers to hand out at railway stations and such key public places but the details of the bill were appearing on Web sites before the printer had even delivered them to us," said festival booker Seb Vuignier.

"While we were still waiting for the delivery of the fliers, journalists were ringing us up and asking if the bill they’d seen was the official one," he explained.

"First of all we wouldn’t confirm the lineup and said we’d wait for the press conference at Chateau Nyon, but in the end the pressure was so great that we just gave up."

Vuignier said the Paleo team is stopping short of the obvious move of blaming the printers because there are other sources that could have leaked the info.

Four days after announcing (or admitting) the details of the bill, which includes Muse, Arcade Fire, Bjork, and Arctic Monkeys, the tickets went on sale and 195,000 of the 210,000 available went in a little more than four hours.

That’s even faster than they went last year, when the festival took a further 10 days to sell out. Vuignier believes it will go more quickly this year.

Of the six 34,000-capacity days, four are already sold out and there are only 7,500 tickets left for each of the other two.

Others on the July 24-29 bill include Robert Plant, Gad Elmaleh, Pink, The Young Gods, Tryo, Sanseverino, Renaud, Zazie, Laurent Voulzy, Lynda Lemay, Jean-Louis Murat , Rachid Taha, Malouma, Daby Touré, Idir, Tinariwen, and Natacha Atlas.