Taking A Bet On Britney

Anyone who thinks Prince William will marry Britney Spears should take the 20-1 that William Hill bookmakers are offering against it.

The odds were published shortly after the royal prince’s reported split from longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton, an issue that looks destined to take up acres of U.K. tabloid space in the next couple of weeks.

The only form is that in 2002 the same tabloids reported that Prince William, second in line to the throne, was exchanging e-mails with the seemingly wayward U.S. singer.

Those who think there should be a few noughts on the end of those William Hill odds should look further down the list of runners and consider some of the other famous and infamous celebrities that are on offer.

Dippy British socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is available at 8-1, Aussie pop diva Kylie Minogue is at 14-1(same odds for Paris Hilton), Russian tennis ace Maria Sharapova can be had at 33-1, while Sir Paul McCartney’s estranged wife Heather Mills is being laid at 100-1 – the same odds as a same-sex civil ceremony.

Anyone wanting to play closer to the money can have 1-2 on his younger brother Prince Harry, 22, third in line for King, being the first to get engaged. William is 6-4 against.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said it would have cost the company £50,000 if William had married Middleton.