No Fake Acts In Florida

Florida recently jumped aboard imposter act legislation currently rolling through the U.S., passing the Truth in Music Advertising Act during a session of the House in Tallahassee April 24th.

The bill aims to penalize those who advertise or conduct live musical performances that make false or misleading connections between a performing group and the original recording group.

Sen. Burt Saunders, who sponsored the bill in the state senate, told the Palm Beach Post the law will protect ticket buyers.

"It just seemed to make sense for consumers," Saunders said. "If you are advertising that The Temptations are going to be playing somewhere, there ought to be some indication that the group is not really The Temptations."

The bill won’t apply to bands that hold trademarks or include at least one member of an original group who holds a legal right to use the moniker. Bands that expressly identify themselves both onstage and in advertising as tribute acts won’t be penalized either.

The bill has passed in 11 states so far, and similar legislation will be considered in a handful of others before the year’s end.