Pollstar’s Lessons Learned Series

Lessons Learned: Craig Chaquico  

“I feel like having a career at the top of charts for five decades is as much a surprise to me as it is to anybody.”  … more

Lessons Learned: Alex Hodges   

“Experience is the best teacher but a fool will learn by no other.” In other words, it’s good to be able to learn without making the mistake yourself or making it twice. … more

Lessons Learned: Glenn Smith

In the late ’80s, we promoted Alabama and The Charlie Daniels Band outdoors in Abilene, Texas. This was a huge headline tour…  more

Lessons Learned: Barry Fey

When I was first starting out, someone asked me to book a country show. “Yeah, sure, that’s easy,” I said. “No problem.” …  more

Lessons Learned: John Page

One of the biggest challenges a new facility manager faces is placing holds with promoters. I learned early on that a “promoter hold” is different than an “artist hold.” Two promoters might have a hold for the same night but that doesn’t mean they’re holding the date for the same artist …  more

Lessons Learned: Mitch Rose

Most of the lessons I have learned in the 23 years I have been in this business have come from listening to and observing those whom I have looked up to and admired. Some of the people and the lessons they have taught me are listed below: …  more

Lessons Learned: Susan Rosenbluth

Learn how to persuade. Most of what concert promoters do is sales. We tell the agent and manager, “Choose me over the other promoter” to get the show. We tell the potential customer, “Choose this artist’s concert to go see instead   …  more

Lessons Learned: Steve Martin

Here’s three quick lessons.

First, know who’s in the room when you’re shooting your mouth off. 

I was at a Beacon Theatre show about a dozen years ago. I was talking to the promoter in the dressing room and said, “You know,  …  more