LN Shutters Music Hall

The Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, W.Va., will be shuttered and put up for sale after fire investigators found about two dozen code violations.

Live Nation spokesman John Vlautin said the Wheeling Fire Department alerted the company to 23 violations, which will keep the building closed until the problems are resolved.

City manager Robert Herron said the venue, opened in 1928, is on the block for $850,000. He said the city isn’t interested in acquiring it but a private investor could bring the historic venue back to its former glory.

"From what I understand, the fire department has given [Live Nation] detailed information as to how they can go about taking care of the fire-related issues while keeping the music hall open," Herron said. "Apparently that is not something the property owners want to do at this time. There needs to be investment in the property."

The $850,000 sticker might sound like a decent asking price, but City Councilman Barry Crow told the Wheeling News-Register it will take at least $3 million to repair the hall.

A May 11th concert with Alison Krauss & Union Station was moved to the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh before city officials gave Live Nation a 30-day deadline, according to the paper.

The closure will also displace the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, which is seeking an alternative venue to host its May 19th Masterworks concert.

But for Clear Channel Radio Wheeling, which has six radio stations housed in the Capitol building, it is said to be business as usual.