The band will spend most of May in Germany making stops in Cologne (May 3), Frankfurt (May 8), Dresden (May 11) and Hamburg (May 13), but will also hit Paris (May 4) and Vienna (May 6) along the way.

Although their only U.S. dates so far are a pair of parties in Minneapolis and Chicago and three shows at the San Diego County Fair June 22-24, the band told Pollstar that they’re currently lining up dates for a full-scale Twist & Mosh 2007 tour of North America.

Betallica is scheduled to return to Germany in July to play a pair of festivals: Earthshaker Fest in Reiden (July 20) and Stapelfelder Open Air in Cloppenburg (July 21).

Composed of members Jaymz Lennfield, Grg Hammettson, Kliff McBurtney and Ringo Larz, Betallica first came to the public’s attention on the Internet. Through their live shows opening for heavyweights like Motorhead, they’ve been amassing followers, known as Beatallibangers.

The band was finally able to record an album when they received both the blessing of Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich and – more surprisingly – permission to bash away at The Beatle’s catalog from the group’s music publishers, who are notoriously litigious when it comes to the Fab Five’s tunes.

Sgt. Hetfield, which is due to be unleashed on the public July 10, features such Beatles-through-a-meat-grinder tracks as “Blackened The U.S.S.R.,” “Sandman,” “A Garage Dayz Nite,” “Leper Madonna” and “And Justice For All My Loving.”