‘Young Folks’ And Old Books

The "Young Folks" single has certainly upped Peter Bjorn and John’s international profile, but they’re not making any money yet, according to a New York Post report published on the eve of the Swedish act’s U.S. tour.

"We’re not rich, but we can pay rent," said 30-year-old vocalist and guitarist Peter Morén, who makes ends meet by working in a Stockholm shop that sells old books when he’s not out on the road.

Morén and his bandmates, Bjorn Yttling and John Eriksson, are also turning out to be one of the successes of this year’s European Talent Exchange Programme.

The group already played California’s Coachella Festival – where its U.S. tour started – and has secured dates for Spain’s Benicassim Festival, Switzerland’s Gurten Festival, France’s Le Printemps de Bourges Festival, Norway’s Quart Festival and Denmark’s Roskilde Festival.

As for the famous whistling song, the band’s been accused of whistle-syncing.

"I always whistle live, myself, but I have a backup," Morén told the Post. "After singing five songs, I get dry in my mouth, so it’s hard to get it right. But it’s not all fake."