Cirque Over Texas

Usually it’s the fastest, scariest roller coasters at theme parks that catch guests’ breaths and draw the longest lines.

At Six Flags Over Texas, the amusement rides will have to share the spotlight this summer as eyes will be on Cirque Dreams Coobrila, a new show taking center stage exclusively at the Arlington theme park.

The nightly performances will take place in the 10,000-seat Music Mill Amphitheatre. The shed was given a new look in preparation for the show, transformed with multiple stages and performance runways.

The antics kick off June 16th and run through August 19th.

An international cast, including performers from north Texas, will create the show with signature aerial acrobatic stunts and extravagant costumes set against a backdrop of bright lights and new music. The show is not affiliated with Cirque du Soleil, but is produced by Cirque Inc. of Florida.

"Cirque Dreams Coobrila is like no other show we’ve ever done. These amazing performances will literally have audience members on the edge of their seats trying to anticipate the next move," Six Flags Over Texas President Steve Martindale said. "There are so many great elements in this production, so many jaw-dropping moments, that if a guest sees it only once, there’s no way they’ve even come close to seeing it all."

The show’s name describes three key descriptive elements of Cirque Dreams Coobrila. Temperatures are COOler during the outdoor performances presented after dark, the performances will include illumination effects and lighting making the night BRIghter and the show keeps the park open LAter.