Church Police Gag Noisy Editors

The newswire and pop paper stories said "armed police raided a show by Editors in Germany because the group was too loud," but the truth may lack much of the printed version’s drama.

"It’s not an unusual thing when you promote shows in churches," explained Stefan Lehmkuhl, who promoted the June 13th show at Cologne Kulturkirche on behalf of Intro Intim, Germany’s free 140,000-circulation music magazine.

"They’re very strict on curfews in these places and Cologne is a very Catholic city. It’s not unusual to be told to stop right on time, whether the band is in the middle of a song or not.

"As it was, Editors got to the end of the song before they had to stop playing."

According to the U.K.’s NME, which reported that "local cops forced their way into the venue" following noise complaints from locals, the act still feels it owes Cologne a song.

Lehmkuhl is not sure police were present at all and feels the story may have been the result of a misunderstanding between his promoter’s rep and the band’s tour manager.

"I don’t think the rep knew the translation for ordnungsamt [municipal department for public order] and used a words like ‘church police’ when he explained to the tour manager. It may be the person from ordnungsamt threatened to call the police if the band didn’t stop, but he certainly wouldn’t have been carrying a gun."

Lehmkuhl’s next project is the 10th edition of the three-day Melt Festival in Graefenhainichen, near Berlin (July 13-15), which has expanded from two days but still looks likely to sell out its 15,000 capacity for the first time.

Acts on the bill include Mouse On Mars, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kelis, Dizzee Rascal, Digitalism, The Notwist and Puppetmastaz.