Cleaning For Tickets

A couple years ago, a non-profit community service organization in Telluride, Colo., came up with a novel idea.

The Telluride Institute held a concert at a park and made a trade-off with a few folks who wanted to get in. The non-profit gave them tickets if, in turn, they cleaned up the lawn afterward.

Pollstar asked around to see if "janitor tickets" have ever been considered for a commercial event at an amphitheatre where, say, a "fan crew" would clean up the lawn for a season or a show.

Contacts we talked to – including at Live Nation – weren’t sure if a concept like that existed but didn’t laugh it off, either.

The closest we got to a response was I.M.P.’s Seth Hurwitz, who said his company considered paying its cleanup crew with tickets but "they threatened to get lawyers involved."