JT’s Spitting Rage

Justin Timberlake has upset Swedish fans by subjecting them to a torrent of verbal abuse and spit, according to the country’s Aftonbladet newspaper.

The paper reported the star and his entourage, including girlfriend Jessica Biel, visiting the Hard Rock Cafe in Gothenberg, where he was called "fuck face" by a teenage fan after the star refused to sign autographs.

"Are you calling me fuck face? Go fuck yourself," was the alleged retort.

The Swedish youngster and his friends then followed the star back to the Elite Plaza hotel in the city, where Timberlake continued a bizarre tirade of abuse.

"First a load of ping-pong balls came raining down from the balcony where Timberlake was sitting. Then came a plastic bottle of water. After that, there were strawberries and other fruit. And them came the phlegm," according to the U.K.’s Daily Mirror, which picked up on the Swedish newspaper reports.

Nino Antonio El-Khoury, the fan, was photographed by paparazzi with spit on the back of his clothing, which he claims was expelled from Timberlake’s mouth.

Aftonbladet also claimed the singer was not in top form on his visit to the country.

"Justin was in a foul mood. Jessica wanted to take a picture of him and he was angry. He snapped, ‘Do you want me to juggle for you as well?’"