Policing Wrigley Grass

The Police’s July 5-6 stand at Chicago’s Wrigley Field left the outfield grass a little damaged and possibly contributed to a shoulder injury to Cubs outfielder Cliff Floyd.

"They said there were a few spots that got beat up, and they’ve had to replace the grass and at the same time, they had to use some paint out there," Cubs manager Lou Piniella told MLB.com.

The Police’s stage was set up in centerfield, leaving a few burn marks on the grass of the 93-year-old ballpark. Maybe it was coincidence, but Floyd injured his shoulder after attempting a diving catch in right field that wasn’t as soft as usual. He could end up on the 15-day disabled list.

"The grass is not as thick as it normally has been, so I think that probably played a little bit into it," Floyd told the Chicago Tribune. "I think the concert had a little bit to do with it. When I landed on it, it was, ‘Whoa!’"

Cubs GM Jim Hendry told MLB.com, "I don’t think you want [a concert] every week, but I think [the field] is fine."